Monday, 3 October 2016

Comments on Seattle

Jason Star
I'm looking to move to seattle next year. Or at least visit. Some of the things you have said I have figured on my own. One thing you confirmed is that if you exclude Boston and manhatten. Seattle seems to have to a high degree of educated poeple which like? You said breaks for and against you. I also notice, there isn't his high energy, play boy culture like miami or l.a. or, vegas, seems to be a stable, high tech services society. with adequate night life. also these bike lanes are some of the best in the country. Where you can ditch the car and use a bike. Lastly I also understand that in Seattle down town seems to be 15 dollars an hour minimum wage.

ray bon
Coming from Georgia also and thinking about moving to Seattle. I have a few friends there already and they say basically the same as you concerning pros and cons. Will an educated person fare better in Seattle than Atlanta? I have a MS in Environmental Science(Agriculture). Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

jason vorhees
I'm originally from NY but have been living in Japan for the past 15 years. I was hoping to move to Seattle in October but I've decided on March next year. I've been doing security for the EU in Japan and I see tons of security work in Seattle so hopefully with my years of experience in the military and the EU work in Japan is strong enough of a resume to find something decent. I love the vid and I look forward to more of your content

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